Wild Omen Bee Pollen Raw Chocolate


Wild Omen is a weaving of gifts from the Earth. Dark Chocolate infused with Wildflower Bee Pollen & sweetened with Wildflower Honey, Tempered in the old way, by hand on stone. 


❤ 100% Wild ~ Raw ~ Organic

❤ Sweetened w/ local Wildflower Honey

❤ Tempered by hand on Stone

❤ 1.1oz

Wild Omen Raw chocolates are handcrafted from WILD HEIRLOOM cacao, grown in a pristine Ecuadorian jungle at 9000 ft. These prized cacao trees were found growing wild, being fed by fresh water springs coming DEEP from within the Earth. 

Each bar is handcrafted and infused with wildcrafted & ethically harvested plant//bee medicines.

These are Plant Spirit chocolates, as each one is imbued with the subtle energies of the ingredients from which they are made.

Cacao is a heart opener, a medicine bridge and has been used ceremoniously for many moons. It is a part of the Mayan Creation Myth, and is believed to be of divine origin...it is also considered a Superfood ~ as it is high in anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes, and contains Anadamide, the Bliss molecule ❤

Ingredients:  Organic Stoneground Cacao, Wildflower Honey, Wildflower Bee Pollen, Wild Orchid Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Crystal Salt)

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