FROM THE FIRE "Ojai Reflects on the Thomas Fire"


FROM THE FIRE is a collection of stories, interviews, poetry, photographs and artworks created by the Ojai community in response to the Thomas Fire.

The fire started on December 4th, 2017 as a result of downed power lines in an 80 mile-an-hour wind storm. By the time it was all said and done 281,893 acres or 440 square miles had been burned, two people were dead and and thousands had lost their homes. The rains that followed resulted in even more loss of life and property in Montecito and Santa Barbara County.

It was in the midst of this tragedy that we felt the call to create a book which would memorialize both what was lost and also what we as a community have created as a result of the fire. This book has taken over 9 months to complete as we have sifted through 900 photographs including images of original artwork, over 40 essays and poems and interviewed over 45 Ojai community members. The outpouring of love and grief has been profound.

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